Executive Coaching


"Your life produces your business. Your business does not produce your life."

Barbara A. Perkins

Senior Executive and Team

Level-Up Package – 12 Months

This package presents a needs assessment-based annual training experience, for organizations committed to the advancement and success of their employees. Investing in high performers creates a win/win/win for companies and has proven to have a positive impact on the success goals set by the leadership team. In this package up to six team members, including the senior executive will receive one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and professional development training by highly credentialed experts. The selected members will be served as individual clients and will each have an opportunity to develop their own professional success plan.

This Customized Team Development package is a game changer.

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The Executive and CEO Package

Three Months

This Executive and CEO package is designed to support senior level leaders of fast-paced organizations with multi-layered reporting structures. It provides support in critical areas of professional development while focusing on strengths and advancement skills. These sessions are customized to address the needs and goals of the leader, while ensuring effectiveness as an orchestrator of organizational success.

This package guarantees your transformative success!

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  • Two scheduled monthly one-on-one sessions face-to-face or Zoom. (75 mins.)

  • Two unscheduled monthly Presenting Issue Sessions. These sessions are, as needed (short emergency meetings, emails, or calls)

  • Two Master Classes in any area of professional development selected by the client and offered by an expert in Image Builders Network. Scheduled for 90 mins on zoom.