Restoration: Seven Promises of God


The book Restoration is an inspiring story about faith.  Faith is the thread that runs through many of Coach Barbara’s books.  Once you pick a copy up to read, it will be hard to put it down.

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Restoration: Seven Promises of God explores one resilient woman’s path to healing from stage III breast cancer. Only through faith, courage, and vulnerability will she be able to reclaim her mind, soul, and body for her next chapter of life. No matter the trial, God’s seven promises offer light in dark times.

“I Was Broken! How did my joy-filled life turn into a nightmarish reality? I was not prepared for my diagnosis or the changes yet to come. What did I do to end up here? How was I going to complete my God-given assignment with cancer in my body? Fear quietly stepped in, obstructing any possible answers I desired. Confusion and chaos began to spread within me as fast as a bad rumor can circulate. I had to hold on. My ability to endure the rough times, ride out the storms of life, and trust God, was the key to my RESTORATION. I was sure that deeply planted inside me was strength far greater than anything my eyes had seen. Running was not the answer and hiding was not an option. I had to be present while expecting God to pull me through. I had to trust God like never before. He can RESTORE all things.”

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    “Bathe in the golden healing waters gifted to us by the experiences shared in this powerfully written and beautifully candid book – Restoration – and emerge spiritually revitalized, resilient and lifted up with joy.”
    Dr. Synthia SAINT JAMES
    Visual Artist, Author, Speaker and Educator

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